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Spy Legends
Speakers Agency

Who We Are

Spy Legends is a speaker agency providing specialized and inspirational talks on the subjects of espionage, intelligence, security and mystery. Our intelligence experts are available in person and online for private or open forum presentations.

Spy Legends is the first-ever company whose focus is on people who work in espionage and undercover intelligence operations.

Avner Avraham, former Mossad agent of 28 years, speaker, film consultant, artist and museum curator, was about to pursue his dream of moving to New York when the pandemic suddenly brought the world to a screeching halt. Film premieres, exhibits and speaking engagements he had lined up were suddenly canceled, so he started thinking of what he could do professionally that could come to life virtually. He decided to bring stories of espionage, adventure and inspiration to a homebound audience longing for excitement and escape.

Avraham’s new agency, Spy Legends, is the first-ever company whose focus is on people who work in espionage and undercover intelligence operations. Speakers include former heads of the Israeli National Security Council and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), a former deputy Mossad chief, a former FBI special agent, a neo-Nazi turned human rights activist, CIA officers, war-zone experts, and prominent authors, actors, directors and musicians from all over the world. Sami Steigmann is a Holocaust survivor based in New York who is an integral part of the agency. He is both a speaker and consultant and works tirelessly to keep the website running smoothly on a daily basis.

Avraham is widely known as the chief Mossad consultant for the Hollywood film Operation Finale, starring Ben Kingsley. He curated a highly acclaimed museum exhibit for which the movie is named that features original documents relating to the capture of notorious Nazi and Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann. Avraham uncovered this information while working as a Mossad agent. He explains that after a certain number of years have passed, he is permitted to disclose some information about his covert Mossad missions, which up until now have never been revealed to the public. This is why the more than 500 speakers signed to Spy Legends can finally shine a light on parts of their lives previously kept hidden away in the shadows.

SPY LEGENDS is a family-owned and run agency. Avraham is the founder; his son, Nof, is CEO; and his daughter, Ofek, is director of lecturer relations. All prospective members are thoroughly vetted.



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