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Avner Avraham, Lieutenant Colonel, former ‘Mossad’ officer.

A world-renowned expert in Mossad operations, lecturer, exhibition and films producer and curator, writer.

Particularly known for activities around “Operation Finale”: The Story of Eichmann's Capture and Trial. A senior advisor to the Hollywood film "Operation Finale" filmed in Argentina. Also known for the exhibition on” Operation Entebbe” (Operation Yonatan).

Avner holds a bachelor's degree in computer and a master's degree (cum laude) in business administration and entrepreneurship.

Graduated (cum laude) in Museology and curatorial studies at Tel-Aviv University.


In the past, served as a Major in the IDF, and as a detective in the Israel Police (on a volunteer basis, the commander of a detective unit).

Avner edits and broadcasts a weekly radio program on the Israeli radio, which deals with culture and art. He is engaged in abstract and pop-art painting.

Curator and producer of conceptual spy and art exhibitions, combining music performances.

Picture by danny kitri

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