"As a spy consultant, Avraham offered specific character details the actors never would
have gotten otherwise." 
       Chris Weitz, Producer

A good spy movie is all about the small details


Avner is a former Mossad Agent who served for 28 years as an agent following his service as officer at the IDF


Spending most of his life in missions, Avner has the insight and  field experience that can give producers a cutting-edge value

in production


A good spy movie is all about the nuances and details. Avner helps you to go beyond the cliche spy movie effects and gets you down to the details that make the difference


Having visited or lived in over 40 countries, Avner has a solid understanding of the life of the agents and the cultural differences when it comes to their work.


Avner is teaching one of the actors in
the movie


Such as the agents, we used potatoes as stamps and showed how it was used during the operation

After an initial overlook, I made sure the team will use an authentic ticket from the 50's

Instead of going for a random number, we talked with a survivor and used his real tattoed identification



On set with the actors guiding them through some moves and optics

We are checking the parts from the fake car plats making sure they looked authentic

I helped the clothing department to make sure the actors look just like the real agents did

Wrapping up Operation Finale

Enjoying the world premier of our work

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