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A former Mossad agent, Avner, is a renowned expert on Mossad operations who famously worked to reveal and publicize the insider story of the historic 1960 capture of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Avraham is in-demand for his fascinating insights into this rich chapter of Jewish history and engaging anecdotes on his time as real-life spy. 

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Avner's expertise in the area of Israeli spy exhibitions, together with his life experience, made him a world-renowned expert in complex Mossad operations such as "Operation Finale - The Capture of Adolf Eichmann", "Operation Yonatan - The Mission to Rescue the Entebbe Hostages" and more. His knowledge is expressed in Israel giving lectures to senior officials, academics, companies and others, worldwide he gives lectures at conventions, museums, universities, Jewish communities and more. The lectures are followed by rich presentations alongside pictures, films and unusual audio clips.

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While working as a Mossad agent, Avraham discovered the original documents surrounding Eichmann's capture and trial, and, moved to share his findings with a wider audience, curated the world-famous and headline-making museum exhibit  "Operation Finale: The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann" and produced an accompanying documentary.


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"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the display. These things that are presented here are reminiscent of the heroism of Israel's fighters, the cohesion of our people in times of trial, and the miracles and wonders we are capable of creating when we stand united with those who seek our souls."

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu


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