The J - Operation Finale targeted Eichmann and Mengele, film’s Mossad consultant says

The Israeli secret agents who captured Nazi SS officer Adolf Eichmann on May 11, 1960, in Argentina had a chance to grab another Nazi as well – the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele. That was perhaps the most startling message delivered by Avner Avraham, a retired Mossad agent, curator of the Israeli spy agency’s traveling exhibit on Eichmann’s capture and the chief consultant for Operation Finale, the movie about his abduction, which is in cinemas now. Avraham spoke to a crowd of 175 people Sunday, October 7, at Temple Shalom about the film and the story behind the capture.

In the end, Avraham said, the Mossad concentrated on Eichmann alone, the mission being, as then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion saw it, to capture and prosecute one major Nazi leader, representing all Nazi crimes.


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