MGM's 'Operation Finale' Emphasizes Real-Life Details in Nazi Hunter Drama

" A featurette came out in mid-August that offered a bit of background into the real events depicted in the movie, with comments not only from the filmmakers but also a Mossad consultant, Avner Avraham, that cut through the spin to get to the reality. "Eichmann used to say 'I was a small cog in the machine,' but actually he was the machine," Avraham explained."

Published on 2018, Aug


To sell the post-World War II story, the studio has run a campaign that aims to capture the drama of the quest to bring a criminal to justice.

In a bid to break through a theatrical landscape ahead of the traditionally sleepy Labor Day frame stateside, MGM is unveiling Operation Finale on Aug. 29. The film is tracking for a six-day debut of around $10 million. 

The post-World War II thriller, featuring Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley, is directed by Chris Weitz, a co-writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and helmer of titles like About a Boy and Golden Compass. In the movie, Isaac plays Peter Malkin, an agent of the Israeli Mossad intelligence service who, in 1960, is one of those tasked with retrieving Adolph Eichmann (Kingsley), the escaped Nazi responsible for the greatest of the Holocaust’s atrocities.

Despite the big names in the cast the marketing campaign appears less interested in trading on star power than it is in presenting the mission of the agents.


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