FORBES - Exhibit Uses Recently Declassified Material To Explore Capture

"Avner Avraham, a former Mossad agent and curator of the exhibition, said it allows visitors “to view for the first time in New York the impressive, pre-digital-era espionage, with all of its accompanying maps, case files, hand-forged documents and a pair of goggles used to obscure Eichmann’s vision during the abduction.”

"On a recent visit to New York, Avner said he had to adapt the exhibition for United States audiences, not only translating it into English but also providing additional background information on Eichmann's story.  There is also new information on Holocaust survivors who moved to the United States."

"It was important to me to show that the U.S. really helped them enter.  I'm proud of this story," Avner said."

"Avner is serving as a consultant to a new film, Operation Finale..."


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